Our Process

We handle everything from farm operations, petal selection, curing, hand-rolling and shipping our product.  By managing the end-to-end process from farming to shipping, we are able to thoroughly manage quality and pass on manageable costing to our customers.

Rose Crop Harvest

Our 100% organic roses are grown in some of the best growing conditions in the world. Being on the equator means our flowers receive more hours of daylight than anywhere else in the world. The second factor is that our roses are grown at high altitudes, at an elevation between 2,800 and 3,000 meters above sea level. The higher elevation means that roses take longer to develop, due to the high altitude. This unique condition gives the plant longer time to grow their stems, making them the most beautiful long stemmed roses in the world. We can work with you to schedule regular shipments of rose cones as our crop schedules change depending on the month of the year.

Shipped to Production

Once our farm completes a harvest, we sort rose petals for ideal size, shape and deepness of color. Rose petal terpenes are maintained at 2%. Our team then carefully packages them and ships them to our production facility to get hand-crafted into our final product.

Roses ready to be made into rose petal cones
our process handrolled petal cones

Cured & Hand-Rolled

Once the petals have arrived to our production facility, our production team begins the curing and hand-rolling process. Our patented process allows for an efficient curing and rolling process enabling consistency and uniqueness for each product. The cones are then carefully packaged for shipping.

Shipped to Customer

Once your order has been completely processed, packaged and ready for shipment, we select the best carrier to your door-step. We have a few select carriers we use for shipping so the price remains competitive. Our team tracks the shipment from our door to yours. We will provide tracking codes.

petal cones delivery