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Who We Are


Get ready for more Rose Petal products, new various colors and greater distribution! CaliGreenGold (CGG) is America’s premier cannabis luxury brand and makers of “Petals”, the world’s finest handmade organic rose petal joints, wraps and blunts since 2018. Our passion is our art, and the art of living well is the greatest art of them all. That’s why quality matters so much, it’s real, it’s who we are at the core and we want to share our authenticity with everyone, no matter the medium. We have created the world’s first diversified portfolio in the smokable category, appealing to all consumers by creating a ladder of product choices to fit any budget or occassion : ranging from daily .5 gram hemp wrap Pre Rolls and 3 gram Rose Blunts, to large format 10 gram celebratory Cannagars. We are pioneering the use of all natural materials such as organic Rose Petals, Hemp, Palm, Chamomile, Berries and Banana leaves.

Our brand and products are synonymous with highest quality and the aspirational eco-friendly lifestyle.

We aim to create the world’s finest luxury handcrafted rose petals products. We believe in exceeding quality standards and our customers’ expectations. We take great pride in the quality of our roses, which are brought to our production facilities for sorting, curing and handcrafting into… Smokable Art™.



Founded and staffed by experts in smoking, manufacturing, wholesale, distribution, farming and logistics, we’re on your team to achieve your goals. We are the Original Rose Petal makers since 2018, and we are passionate about providing the highest quality product for our distributors and wholesalers. 95% of our staff are single mothers who are the primary heads of their households and we are helping bring fair wages to the communities we touch.



We work with our customers on sizes, colors and customized requests from initial order to managing shipments to our customers’ location. We provide order management, logistics, shipment tracking and more.


closeup of handrolled rose petal cones
handrolled rose petal cones packaged

Our Mission



We are committed to creating positive change in the world by using artisans and craftmanship to unlock the beauty and usefulness of the natural world around us.  We strive to produce world’s highest quality rose petal products and we believe in being responsible for the people in our industry as well as our environment. We are one of the few farms in the Andes to produce truly organic roses.

We aim to adhere to best GMP practices in our production facility in order to provide a fun and safe environment for our staff.

Our Programs

Freel free to reach out and discuss which is the best fit for you. We want to continually evolve our programs around wholesales, distributions and referrals.


Become a wholesale partner and add more sales to your bottom line.


Expand your distribution network with Petals rose petal products!


Enjoy your favorite product and get paid!